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Special Educational Needs

“The curriculum has been adapted so that pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are fully included. Provision is carefully planned and adapted to allow them to excel. Even when pupils have high levels of need, their learning is innovatively adapted to ensure they access the same provision. As a result, pupils with SEND are interested in, and enthused by, their learning.”


“Pupils, including those with SEND, have high levels of confidence to express themselves.”

Ofsted Report May 2022

SEND Staff

Alison Norman - SENCO

Lianne Reid - SEN TA

Faye Ellis - SEN TA

Stacy Goddard - SEN TA

At Woods Loke we take great  pride in the support we offer our children with SEND.  We collaborate with other external agencies and specialist education services to ensure that every child in our care is able to thrive and confidently achieve.


Our SENCO works closely with class teachers to support children and provide resources or advice within the classroom and this enables all children to access high quality learning at their own level. 

As well as the learning and enrichment opportunities, we offer social and emotional support through our highly trained, experienced pastoral support team. This team supports children and families in their social and emotional wellbeing through parent drop ins, interventions and links to other agencies such as CAMHS and the school nursing team. Regular discussions ensure our vulnerable children have access to vital support - whenever they need it.

Our DSL and her alternates ensure that all members of our school community have a voice in safeguarding - something which is strongly embedded throughout our school community. 

You can contact our SENCO Alison Norman via our main school office, or directly on 01502 561234. Alternatively, you can email  her at 


Special Educational Needs Information

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