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School Uniform

It is important that all of our Woods Loke Learners come to school dressed appropriately.

Our uniform consists of widely available colours. The school colour is NAVY BLUE.

School sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts and book bags can be purchased/ordered from the School Office.

It is a general rule that items of 'fashion' clothing and accessories are not permitted, jewellery is not to be worn and those children who have pierced ears should only wear small studs.

uniform - boy.jpg


  • Navy socks

  • Navy jumper or navy school sweatshirt

  • Pale blue school polo shirt

  • Navy tailored trousers/shorts

  • Sensible black or navy shoes NO trainers

uniform - girl.jpg


  • Navy socks

  • Navy tights

  • Navy cardigan or navy school sweatshirt

  • Pale blue school polo shirt

  • Navy skirt/dress/tailored trousers/tailored shorts

  • Sensible black or navy shoes NO trainers

Nursery children have the option of wearing navy jogging trousers instead of the school trousers.

Clothing and Protection in Physical Education

It is school and county policy that all children should be appropriately equipped for all their physical education lessons. The following items of clothing are essential if children are to work, learn and play safely:

Gymnastics * Games * Dance

Navy shorts

Navy school t-shirt

Plimsolls or trainers for indoor PE (no black soles)

Navy jogging trousers and jumper for outdoor PE

Trainers for outdoor PE

For swimming, your child will need:

Swimming trunks or costume (Bermuda type shorts and bikinis are not allowed)


Swimming hat

All items of clothing need to be clearly marked with your child's name.

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