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Woods Loke Primary School

The Woods Loke Character Diploma Programme



The Woods Loke Character Diploma is a cornerstone of our Character Curriculum. It has been designed to help develop the following aspects of character, in order for our pupils to make the very best start in life:

  • To build motivation towards achieving long-term goals
  • To learn and embed positive moral attributes (virtues), helping them to grow their practical wisdom
  • To acquire a social confidence, allowing them to habituate attitudes such as respect, integrity, honesty and courage
  • To understand how to make long-term commitments/endeavours and the role these play in a successful and fulfilled life

Children choose six of thirteen different courses for completion during the year – one during each half-term.

Each session runs from 1:30-2:45 every Friday afternoon and is made up of mixed-age groups from across Key Stage 2.  At the end of each unit, pupils are assessed by staff at either a PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION. This assessment builds up to an overall award at the end of each year, with children awarded a bronze, silver or gold lapel badge.

Over the four year cycle, pupils will not only encounter a wide range of experiences, but will also be helped to understand, care about and respond to core ethical values.

Diploma Choice #1: British Values

Considering five key areas relating to British Values, with activities designed to build a clear understanding of their role within society.

Diploma Choice #2: Community Awareness

Pupils volunteer and meet members of the local community to understand the role we play in shaping where we live.

Diploma Choice #3: Debating & Oracy 

Designed to build pupil confidence and their respect for other viewpoints through the skills of public speaking.Designed to build pupil confidence and their respect for other viewpoints through the skills of public speaking.

Diploma Choice #4: Field to Fork

 Working alongside the school kitchen in planning menus and growing produce for use in school and community groups. 

Diploma Choice #5: Financial Management

 Working alongside local banks, the unit is designed to help children understand how to manage money carefully.

Diploma Choice #6: First Aid

 Run by a First Aid instructor, the unit delivers a 6 week programme of key first aid skills and advice.

Diploma Choice #7: Forest School

 Child-centred sessions which offer opportunities for holistic growth, supporting play, exploration and risk taking.

Diploma Choice #8: Health & Fitness

 Encourages healthy lifestyle choices and providing pupils with the opportunity to experience a variety of fitness activities.

Diploma Choice #9: In-School Service

 Helping pupils to make a meaningful contribution to the school community through maintaining and enhancing the local environment.

Diploma Choice #10: Philosophy for Children

 Discussing things that matter through sessions which help pupils to explore new ideas and understand the world.

Diploma Choice #11: Teamwork & Problem-Solving

 Pupils tackle problems that require collaboration, tenacity and strategic-thinking. 

Diploma Choice #12: The Wild Award

 Designed to help pupils explore the natural world in brave new way, with activities linked to helping and exploring nature.

Diploma Choice #13: Wellbeing

A series of yoga, meditation and wellness sessions supporting pupils in developing a greater sense of self-worth.