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Woods Loke Primary School


Office Manager: Alison Barnard


Woods Loke Primary School
Butley Drive
Oulton Broad
NR32 3EB

For all enquiries or paper copies of the information on this site, please contact Tracey, Alison or Emily in our main office.

Tel: 01502 561234

Email: office@woodsloke.org

Contact Emails (click to view)

Office / Admin - Office@woodsloke.org

Mrs Neeve & Mrs Lyons - Mapleroom@woodsloke.org

Mrs Stride - Nursery@woodsloke.org

Mrs Edwards (Early Years Phase Lead) - RJE@woodsloke.org

Miss Anderson- REA@woodsloke.org

Miss Welton - 1MW@woodsloke.org

Mrs Stone (Years 1 & 2 Phase Lead) - 1JS@woodsloke.org

Mrs Barratt - 2SB@woodsloke.org

Mrs Howard - 2LH@woodsloke.org

Miss Parnell - 3CP@woodsloke.org

Mrs Merrill & Miss Carroll - 3CM@woodsloke.org

Mr Javes (Years 3 & 4 Phase Lead) - 4RJ@woodsloke.org

Miss Nielson  - 4NN@woodsloke.org

Mrs Walpole - 5JW@woodsloke.org

Mr Jones - 5PJ@woodsloke.or

Mr Connolly- 6SG@woodsloke.org

Mrs Taylor (Years 5 & 6 Phase Lead) - 6AT@woodsloke.org

Mrs Norman (SEND Provision) - SEN@woodsloke.org

Mr Morgan - Computing@woodsloke.org

Mr Hunt - PE@woodsloke.org

Community Outreach - Community@woodsloke.org

 Other Contacts:

SENCO - Alison Norman sen@woodsloke.org

Chair of Governors - Phil Humphries - governingbody@woodsloke.org

Hartismere Family of Schools - www.hartismere.family

Chief Executive Officer: Jim McAtear

Chair of Trustees and Governors: Marion Ravenhill

c/o Hartismere School
Castelton Way
IP23 7BL

Telephone: 01379 870315